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Data acquisition platform: Acquisition of data for various apps and services

Use autinityDAP to embed the most varied machines, control systems, sensors, and much more into your network. The software polls data for different apps and services and makes them centrally available. Thanks to the openness of the interface, third-party systems can access the data of the interconnected system, thus providing full flexibility for further processing of your data.

Your benefits

  • One device for all data:
    There is only one single edge device which acquires all machine and production data and makes them available for other applications through autinityDAP. It is no longer necessary to use several devices for networking. You simply manage different data, measuring points and units in a single software platform.
  • Embedding further apps and services in the software platform:
    It is also possible to deploy further apps (both autinity software and third-party software or even your own developments) within autinityDAP. This is possible thanks to the open, container-based software architecture.
  • Safe data transfer for different applications:
    autinityDAP supplies your systems, such as data bus systems, a central NATS, your MES or autinityHub, with data. Increased safety is achieved thanks to fast system updates.
  • Mass connectivity and extensive roll-out:
    Easily embed different machines in your network thanks to extended functions for remote administration, compatibility with existing systems and flexible deployment scenarios.
  • Independent of the machine manufacturer:
    autinityDAP supports a great variety of machine control systems and Industry 4.0 and IoT communication technologies.

Product details

  • Open, container-based software platform
  • Either the autinity software or third-systems can be used
  • Resource sharing thanks to bundled data interrogation
  • Main components:
    • Edge device: The hardware on which autinityDAP is installed; can also be made available virtually
      Edge software: Optimized kubernetes environment for execution of container apps; comprises services for data acquisition and internal data provision
  • Additional components:
    • Management services, e.g. autinityCTL (central tag library) for managing machines and data sources
    • Apps and services which are integrated into autinityDAP to perform customized functions, e.g. apps for connection to the MES.
autinityDAP: Product details

autinityDAP in use

Discover the fields of application of autinityHub by way of concrete examples from practice.

Further information about autinityDAP

autinityDAP is now available. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or material. We would be pleased to advise you.

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