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Real-time quality monitoring during the production with autinityVC

autinityVC is a software for vibration analysis to evaluate data from vibration sensors during the ongoing production, to compare them with stored reference values and respond in case of nonconformities immediately. The objective is to check all parts processed in the machine across all work steps and manufacturing sequences, and this in real time during the production.

Your benefits

Real-time quality monitoring during the production with autinityVC
  • First time quality (FTQ):
    The quality of the parts and material is determined during the production in real time. Nonconforming parts can be ejected and will not pass further steps of manufacturing.
  • Reduced scrap:
    In case of manufacturing errors or tool breakage, autinityVC will stop the machine and initiate removal of the nonconforming parts. This does not pertain to the subsequent workpieces.
  • Increased productivity:
    Thanks to quick identification of nonconformities in the manufacturing process, consequential damage and thus long, unplanned standstill times are avoided. In addition, you will save cycle time through process optimization.
  • Process optimization:
    Use the analysis tool included in autinityVC to evaluate and improve your production process.
  • Tool monitoring:
    Any wear on the tool leads to deviations in the vibration data. Change the tool in good time and utilize the toollife optimally.
  • Traceability:
    Use autinityVC as the data source for the traceability to be able to identify the parts later.
  • Independent of the machine manufacturer:
    autinityVC supports a great variety of machine control systems and Industry 4.0 and IoT communication technologies.

Product details

  • Compatible with all standard PLC systems and the most varied sensor types, independently of the machine manufacturer:
  • Web user interface: Simply open autinityVC in your browser.
  • The commissioning is accompanied by a basic training course. Further training courses can be booked as necessary.
  • The components of autinityVC:
    • The VibroControl software
      • Is installed on autinityLogger (industrial PC) close to the machine.
      • Acquires the raw data from the vibration sensors and the data from the PLCs of all machines separately.
      • The recorded data can be stored either locally or on a network drive.
    • The VibroAnalyzer software
      • Tool for analysis of the recorded data
      • Creates reference files with limit values
    • The VibroControlServer software
      • Central management tool for all VibroControls in the enterprise
      • Quick access to the data
  • autinityLogger (industrial PC) on the machine

Functions and features

Direct connection to the PLC

autinityVC: Direct connection to the PLC

Use autinityVC to record further process parameters from the PLC which are linked with the acquired spectrums automatically. This provides for fast and direct communication with the machine:

  • The currently machined part is removed immediately once autinityVC identifies a nonconformity.
  • Immediate emergency retraction in case of impact alarm to prevent further contamination of the interior of the machine.

Real-time display of spectrums of different axes

Live-Anzeige von Spektren verschiedener Achsen

The acquired spectrums and impact data are displayed on the sophisticated web user interface of autinityVC in real time:

  • All important information at a glance (work steps, material numbers, references)
  • Order-based view for dynamic work steps

Real-time quality evaluation

Real-time quality evaluation

The recorded vibration data are compared to the stored references for the appropriate work step in real time. Appropriate measures are taken immediately if any deviations are determined (removal of the nonconforming parts or emergency retraction of the tool).


autinityVC: Configurability

Use the configuration user interface to customize the behavior of autinityVC to the production process, e.g. by monitoring selected work steps / programs. Add further process data from the PLC and adapt the sensor resolution and sampling rate.

Storing the data permanently as CSV files

Storing the data permanently as CSV files

All spectrum and impact data, incl. OK/NOK evaluation, are stored either locally or on a network drive.

Comprehensive analysis functions (VibroAnalyzer)

autinityVC: Comprehensive analysis functions (VibroAnalyzer)

VibroAnalyzer is a comprehensive desktop tool to analyze the recorded vibration data graphically (Campbell diagram, trend evaluation). Create reference spectrums or use the filter functions to detect abnormal vibration data

Central management with VibroControlServer

autinityVC: Central management with VibroControlServer

Use VibroControlServer to manage a large number of VibroControls via a central platform. This tool gives you a quick overview of the statuses of the currently connected VibroControls. In addition, a trend of nonconforming parts can be displayed for each machine over any periods.


autinityVC: Notifications

Use VibroControlServer to set up e-mail notifications for certain events (e.g. exceeding of the spectrum reference).

autinityVC in use

Discover the fields of application of autinityVC by way of concrete examples from practice.

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