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Holistic energy data management

Our product autinityHub is used successfully as a sophisticated solution for a holistic energy data management. The system provides transparency and helps you to reduce your energy costs. The software includes tools for successful energy management and can be integrated into existing systems.

The data are acquired at freely configurable time intervals in the range of a few milliseconds, as it is important notably in peak load management to acquire data in very small time units.

Benefits of using energy management with autinityHub

  • Reduced energy procurement costs and grid fees
  • Load peaks are avoided
  • Reduced media consumption thanks to media supply of the production machines in line with the demand
  • Reduced consumption of the resources through identification of weak points in the processes
  • Improved system availability through avoidance of system-critical states
  • Reduced CO2 footprint and increased sustainability in your enterprise
  • Can be extended to an energy management system acc. to ISO 50001
Benefits of using energy management with autinityHUB

Key features for energy management

  • Customized dashboards: Current values, key figures, diagrams, charts etc. can be seen at a glance in dashboards, so-called VisuDisplays.
  • Energy reports:
    • Calculations by way of report formulas, e.g. mean values of consumptions, calculation of the amortization of investment costs over a certain time
    • Representation of long-term and short-term development of the energy consumption
    • Automatic creation and sending of the reports to the appropriate authorities via e-mail at specified time intervals
  • Consumption diagram: Represents the consumptions of electricity, oil, coolant etc. over selected periods for analysis purposes.
  • Sankey diagrams: Use Sankey diagrams to identify the major energy consumers at a glance.
  • Data import and export: Existing values and recordings can be imported into the system or exported as a CSV file or into Microsoft Excel.
  • Generating key parameters: Use the formula editor to compare values, such as the energy consumption per machine, process or workpiece, the proportion of your energy costs of the total costs, to reference parameters and display them in your diagrams or on individually designed dashboards in real time.

Application examples from the field of energy management

Increasing the energy efficiency, reducing the CO2 emissions, and identifying leaks in your compressed air supply system at an early stage

Leaks in the compressed air system develop gradually over several months, resulting in unnecessarily high energy consumption. autinityHub monitors the energy consumption of your compressed air system continuously. Any deviations from the standard consumption are identified early, allowing you to take appropriate measures. Furthermore, the compressed air consumption and CO2 emissions of your complete factory can be represented in detail.

Load peak management: Avoiding load peaks through energy monitoring

Use autinityHub to monitor the consumption of electrical energy on complete locations and machine groups at the current moment, since the values of all electricity meters are represented in one single system. autinityHub immediately issues an alarm in case of load peaks. Furthermore, unnecessary loads, e.g. machines that are turned on without an appropriate job, are identified. For example, it was possible to reduce the manufacturing costs in a forge by up to 30% through energy-optimized production planning.

Application examples from the field of energy management: text

Products for energy management

Our comprehensive Industry 4.0 platform for condition monitoring and more


You are interested in software solutions for energy management? Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to advise you and offer a solution for your problem.

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