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Solutions for process monitoring

Monitoring of the production process in real time

With autinityVC, you always have the production process under control. You can test and verify the interaction between different production parameters in accordance with the recorded data continuously: Which process variables have which effects? If you increase the feedrate, for example, you will produce faster, but increased tool wear or even breakage could result in more frequent tool change. The knowledge that you gained from the use of autinityVC will help you to optimize your production process. Use the feature of machine monitoring integrated into autinityHub to identify potentials for optimization and hand over the resulting knowledge to your engineering experts.

Benefits of the autinity software for process monitoring

  • Viewing the big picture: The system provides an overview of all machines and systems. Relationships between the measurement values become transparent.
  • Reveal potentials for optimization.
  • Make the effects of changes of production parameters visible.
  • Compare similar machines with different process variables to each other.
  • An emergency retraction is performed on the machine in case of tool breakage during the production.
  • An advanced interface is implemented to pass through all relevant information to appropriate downstream systems.

Application examples from the field of process monitoring

Application example from the field of process monitoring

Check the utilization of your machines

Amongst other applications, autinityHub is used by machine manufacturers to determine how the operators utilize or whether they even overload the machines and to offer purpose-oriented consulting in accordance with the requirements of the user. Example: The motor is always operated at a load of 90%, the drive train, however, is not dimensioned for this load. The user of the machine is recommended to install a larger motor or larger chain drive to avoid damage on the machine.

Identify tool breakage immediately and act in real time

The vibration analysis feature as an integral part of autinityVC protects your machines and ensures the product quality. autinityVC acquires the vibration values during the entire production process and compares them to stored limit values. Any tool breakage causes the vibrations to rise suddenly, autinityVC issues an alarm, triggers an appropriate notification, and stops the machine. The workpiece concerned is ejected and flagged for tracing. Taking the example of process monitoring at honing machines, it was possible to save up to 5% of the repair costs which would have arisen per damage case.

Application examples from the field of process monitoring

Products for process monitoring

Our comprehensive Industry 4.0 platform for condition monitoring and more

Software for real-time monitoring of the production process and product quality


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